Our Services

Every inquiry is treated the same way. You will personally be contacted and we will talk by phone even before we take you on as a client. We need to feel confident in each other. We need to know that you are serious, committed and goal oriented and you need to feel that we are ethical, honest, capable of delivering what we promised and most of all, have your interests at heart.

Friendly World Education further provide the following services:

  • Pre- validation of participant’s eligibility in line with program requirements including document validation, and correct English level. We have connections with coaches in the Philippines and Australia who can give you on line personal training in IELTS, OET or PTE
  • Counselling of student to be sure this is the course they should be doing.
  • A full breakdown of the costs of education, accommodation and living expenses and the costs that will be incurred for even before you leave for Australia such as preparing the visa application, meeting regulation requirements to be able to enter the course and obtaining the require English score
  • Assistance in completing all forms required by the Education Provider, including pre-placement requirements and GTE obligations
  • Securing the Letter of Offer and Confirmation of Enrolment from the Education Provider
  • Assistance with finding suitable accommodation at reasonable prices
  • Assistance with airport pick up
  • Assistance with the incidentals such as getting your telephone card and banking arrangements
  • VISA preparation and lodgement by our Australian Licensed Migration Agent at a price exclusive to FWES clients