When you are deciding to leave your country and study in Australia you need help from someone you can trust, someone who knows the best places for you education, where to stay, how much money to bring etc…

That’s why Friendly World Education is the company to choose.

Meet Our Personnel

All of our staff are university trained, have an in-depth knowledge of the Australian education system and most importantly have either a business background or are working in commercial enterprises (hospitals, accounting offices, consulting firms, etc.).

Coming from a business background we understand that getting a job at the end of your course is why you came here.


Our General Manager is Robert Morris.

Commerce MBA and he has over 30 years of General Management experience in the chemical, packaging and hospitality industries and has been a Consultant to many businesses.

Mr. Morris advises students in the areas of Business Management, Engineering, IT, Accounting and Vocational courses.


Our International Director is Ms. Marlyn Benitez

BSN who is actively engaged in Aged Care Management and Nurse Training.  Ms Benitez, is responsible for selecting suitable universities and vocational colleges for those wishing to undertake such courses as Nursing, Dental technology, Children Services, Disability Services and Radiology. Her networking and circle of influence is amazing and invaluable to the nurses looking for part time jobs during their course and full time jobs after graduation.